writing exam: study habits

Topic 2. Study habits

As some suggestions, i will start writing in our blogs in English. Thus, if you do not understand, I can translate it in Vietnamese. Our previous writing was quite sort, this time I hope we can practice writing longer. Please try to write at least 3 paragraph following these outlines:

paragraph 1:

  1. Do you agree that everyone can be a good language leaner? Why or why not?
  2. What are your leaning strategies?
  3. Which bad study habits do you often see?
  4. What do you do to learn new words?

Paraphap 2:

  1. Why do you learn English?
  2. Why is the English language so important today?

Paragraph 3:

  1. Do you want to study abroad? Why or why not?
  2. How often do you practice speaking English?
  3. If you don’t have much chance to speak to foreigners, what do you do to improve the situations

2 thoughts on “writing exam: study habits

  1. In my opinion, everyone can be a good language learner if they have determination and passion. Because language just is subject and when you have determination and passion you will feel learn is easier. If you don’t have determination you won’t do anything.
    When I started learning English I’ve made a plan for me to learning better. And my plan is in a week I spent two days to learn listening, two days to learn vocabulary, two days to learn writing and speaking. But I haven’t done correct with the plan because I didn’t spent time for learning English, lazy and haven’t determination. When i learn new words I often write down them multiple times on paper but that didn’t effectively with me.

    Today, English is so important because English is the international language and it is very popular in many countries on the world. If you don’t know English, you won’t be able to integrate with the world. So I learn English because I want have a good job and travel around.

    My dream is study around and it is also my goal. I want to study around because I want to improve and wide my knowledge, and I want to get a good job after I come back. I often practice speaking English with my friends, we often use English to talk together. I don’t have chance to speak to foreigners but I will go to places has foreigners and communicate with them or I will listen and repeat to foreigners on website teaching English every day.

    I think everyone can be a good language leaner,if you learn hard and having a good method. You have to spend at least one hour to learn English every day,because English isn’t our mother language so we’ll have to be patient and we have to study steadily.
    My learning strategies is learning at least one hour everyday. I make a schedule to learn English.It will help me plan my learning. My schedule is learn English every night,from 8:pm to 10:pm. The frist, I learn basic grammar about 20 minutes,then I do assignment and learn new words about 60 minutes,when I learn new words I write their many times,then I listen pronunciation till I remember their. The last, I learn listening about 40 minutes,I often listen to video English or English songs.
    I make a schedule to learn English,but I can’t follow it everyday.Sometimes,I’m so tired with many works in my company that I can not learn English in the evening; Sometimes I have an appointment with my friends; Sometimes I’m so lazy…I know that is the bad habits of learning English,but I can’t overcome their.
    Nowadays,English is very important.Because, it is the most popular language in the world.You can communicate with many people who come from different countries. If you’re good English,you can have a good job easily.
    I learn English because I want to communicate with anyone,and I want to find a good job with high salary. I want to improve my knowledge, because most of information in the world which are written by English.
    When I was a kid, I wish I had a chance that I went abroad to travel and to see snowfall.Now,when I grow up, I want to go abroad for making my dream. My dream isn’t not only travel but also study. When I study abroad, I can improve my knowledge of English and professional.
    I often practice speaking English with my friend who is a foreigner. He comes from Taiwan,he can speak English very good.He is my company’client.He lives near my room,we often drink tea and talk together three or four times one week. When we talk together,if I make a mistake,he edit me.I can learn many new words when I talk with him.

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